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Who am I paying for this holiday?

This is a unique ski holiday designed and created by the ski resorts of LAAX and Davos Klosters.


Is the ski pass for both destinations included?

Yes. 7-day ski passes are included in the price which are valid at both destinations. The ski tickets are valid from Sun-Sun and you can collect it at the check-in with your room card. Please do remember to give it back when departing.


What time do I need to be at the airport?

In London, we ask you to be at the airport 90 minutes before the flight departs to ensure you have a stress free experience at London City. Latest check-in time is 60 minutes prior to departure.



Please ensure you have a valid passport that is not out of date and that you have the correct visa documents if required. We take no responsibility for passengers who are not permitted to travel due to issues with their passports or non-valid visa documents.


How do I get to London City Airport?

For more information on how to get to the airport please visit:


Can I leave my car at London City Airport?

Yes. There are various options ranging from on-site parking to valet parking and more details can be found here:


What is the luggage weight limit?

The hold luggage weight limit is 20kg. 1 item of hand luggage is permitted per person with a weight limit of 6kg. Extra weight will be charged directly at the airport. Please note that on occasions we may not accept extra weight if the flight is fully booked.


I am concerned about sustainable travel. How will it affect my carbon footprint?

Included in the price is the cost to carbon offset your trip via the scheme MyClimate


Can I book for a group of more than 4 people?

Yes, for groups of more than 4 people it is best to book via phone. Please call the LAAX reservation team on +41 81 927 97 97 or Davos on +41 81 417 6173


I have a question regarding the package. Who can I call?

You can call the reservation team in LAAX on +41 81 927 97 97 or email


We have a group of 4 who would like to book & pay separately. Can I do this?

Yes, for more complicated payment solutions you can always call the reservations team in LAAX who will be happy to help. You will be assigned a booking reference number and other members of your group can call quoting this number to pay separately


How will I receive my tickets?

Your tickets will be sent by email on the day of purchase and will be valid for check-in. Please note that there is no online check-in available.


What is the bar in London?

LAAX baby! at Mews of Mayfair will be hosting special events prior to your departure. An invite "will be in the post"


Can I bring my own skis?

Yes. However, it is on a first-come, first-served basis as the 32 seater jet has limited storage space. We have room for 10 ski bags and the first to book their bags can take their own skis or snowboards.


Where can I hire skis?

Skis, snowboards, helmets and more can be easily hired at both destinations. You can even reserve and book your equipment online in LAAX and in Davos Klosters.


What time will we arrive at the hotel?

You will land at Altenrhein at 6pm and the journey to LAAX will take 1 hour, to Davos 1 hour & 15 minutes.


Can we book a restaurant on the night of arrival in advance?

Yes and details of restaurants can be found at and


I would like to book for my children too. Are the tickets cheaper for children?

Yes. Tickets are discounted at 50% for children 12 and under.


Are food and beverages included on the flight?

Yes. A cold meal and a soft drink & a beer will be served on the plane at no extra cost


Where can I find more information about events and other activities in LAAX?

Please download the award-winning Inside LAAX app which is your ideal companion during your stay. More information can be found here:


Where can I find more information about events and other activities Davos Klosters?

Be it piste reports, live cams or 3D maps all conveniently accessible via your phone: The Davos Klosters App can be found here:


Where can I find more information regarding where we will be staying?

You can find more information at and


How can we book ski lessons?

Ski lessons are easily bookable in both destinations. The ski school in LAAX is located at the rocksresort and bookings can be made by calling the reservation team on +41 81 927 71 71 & more information about courses can be found here: The ski school in Davos Klosters can be contacted on +41 81 416 24 54 and more information regarding courses can be found here:


Do we have to switch destinations halfway through the holiday?

Yes! This is the exciting part where you get to experience another world-class ski resort. Do not worry, you will be sent piste maps and must do's to ensure that you make the most of your time in each resort.


Where will the bus be waiting to take me between the two resorts?

In LAAX the bus will be waiting to take you to Davos Klosters at the bus parking next to the rocksresort itself. The bus will depart at 5pm which gives you a chance to freshen up after the day on the pistes. The bus will depart Davos Klosters from the Hotel Waldhaus at 7pm taking customers to LAAX.


I am travelling alone and do not need an apartment, what other options are there?

You can also book an alternative option of the Hotel Strela in Davos and the signinahotel in LAAX.